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Rajesh Saharan

Lawyer & Registered Migration Agent (MRN 1385837)

Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

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Our Principal, Rajesh Saharan was admitted in NSW in 1999. He has practised in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. When he was working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service ( Qld South) LTD , they were so impressed with his quality of work that he was awarded –“Lawyer of the Year 2007”.

He has been involved in number of trials and appeals over the years. Recently, he was involved in a Supreme Court Appeal matter in Western Australia. The appeal was brought by him as the Child Representative in care and protection matter. The appeal was upheld by the Supreme Court of WA. The name of the case is – AC v Chief Executive Officer of the Department for Child Protection and Family Services (2015) WA SC 477. Following is the link for the judgement –

In 2014, he was involved in another Supreme Court appeal matter which turned to be quite a landmark decision in the child protection area of law in Western Australia.

The case raised matters of great substance and concern regarding the failure by the Department to comply with a fundamental and clearly stated statutory duty. The appeal was brought by the mother, in person, and Rajesh Saharan was the child representative. In the Children’s Court he had made balanced submissions which were consistent with the views later expressed by the Supreme Court. That decision was JT v CEO, DCP & FS [2014] WASC 200. Following is the link for the judgement –

In his spare time, he likes doing meditation and Reiki.